Halloween is a popular holiday in the U.S. Common Halloween activities include wearing costumes, carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, visiting haunted houses, watching scary movies etc… The IPMs worked with the Student Leadership Center and held a Halloween party for all students yesterday. There was a DJ playing music, different games, a costume and pumpkin carving contest. So many students came dressed in their fun costumes. Some of the costumes I saw were: Pikachu, Dorothy (from Wizard of Oz), vampires, Snow White, pirates, cow, tiger and many more! The students also got in groups and worked together to carve pumpkins. I think the best part was all of the students dancing! At one point, there was even a big circle and a few students at a time would get in the middle and perform their best dance moves! Most students have been spending hours studying for upcoming midterms so this was a good and much needed break.

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Club Kickoff

Yesterday was the club kick-off! Shoreline has over 50 student clubs and many of them were in the cafeteria to talk about their clubs and how students can join. Some clubs that were present are:

the Science ClubIndonesian FellowshipSoccer ClubAfrican Student ClubStudent Governmentthe Manufacturing Club, SCC Philosophy Club etc.

Davin, a current International Peer Mentor, attended the event to talk to students about the IPMs. Please read about his experience below!

The club kickoff is an event produced by SCC to show all students the clubs on our campus. People who participated in the event include: club members, club organizers and students. Students are able to find out about different clubs and they can sign up to become a member of the clubs that match their hobbies and interests.

Each club has to set up a table with information and materials related to their club. Most of the clubs made a poster with pictures and a description about their purpose and activities they coordinate. I was at the IPM table which was set up with a poster describing our club and what we do. We also had sign-up sheets for future events which students could volunteer at. We were asked a lot of questions mainly about the different events we plan, how to join, ways to volunteer etc… Students were really enthusiastic and interested in our club. We even had 6 pages of students who signed up to be volunteers!

There were also a lot of other clubs students were interested in such as SLC (student leadership center), Science Club, Make Stuff Club, Hong Kong Student Allianceand much more. This event definitely encourages students to become more active on campus and to create relationships among students and between clubs.

~ Davin (current IPM)

ISOP FALL 2012!!

Orientation was great!

We had 258 new students!! ISOP was 5 days and students took placement tests, met with advisors, registered for classes and made new friends. Orientation ended with a tour of Seattle. We went to:

– Seattle Center (home of the Space Needle)

– Pike Place Market (downtown Seattle)

– Westlake Center (shopping center)

– Uwajimaya (supermarket with a variety of Asian groceries and gifts)

– Alki Beach!

I really enjoyed meeting and talking with new students! It was so interesting hearing what the new students thought about Seattle so far. Please check out some of my favorite pictures!!

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