SCC’s Intercultural Film Festival

The Student Leadership Center (SLC) organized the Intercultural Film Festival. The film festival focused on documentaries from various countries. The documentaries shown were not from a specific time period, they ranged from the 1960’s to the 2000’s. The diverse films addressed historic as well as contemporary matters. Two of the films shown were:

–    Burma (2008): this film follows the 2007 protests against the military regime. Burmese video journalists armed with small handycams documented the protests undercover. They smuggled the material out of the country and broadcasted back in Burma, exposing the protests to the Burmese people as well as the international media.

–    Harlan County (1976): an Oscar winning documentary, this film covers the “Brookside Strike” which occurred in Kentucky in 1973. The strike was waged by the coal miners who were fighting for safer working conditions, fair labor practices and better wages.

Students had a chance to watch documentaries from other countries and learn about important issues. Free popcorn was also provided!!

Cultural Fair!

Last Friday the IPMs (International Peer Mentors) organized the 2013 Cultural Fair. Diversity is an extremely important value here at Shoreline. The Cultural Fair was an opportunity to share and celebrate the various cultures that exist on our campus. Many student clubs created an informational booth to represent their club and culture. Numerous cultures and countries were represented, including:

–          Cambodia

–          Hong Kong

–          Vietnam

–          Indonesia

–          Eritrea

–          Ethiopia

–          Japan

–          Somalia

–          Taiwan & Many More!!

There were many performances as well. Students from the Cambodia did a cultural dance, the African Student Club put on a fashion show, the Indonesian Student Club performed a traditional dance and love song, the Muslim Student Association put on a skit and students from Hong Kong and Taiwan performed different songs  so that the audience could hear the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin! It was such a fun event!! The Cultural Fair ended with the students doing the Harlem Shake, SCC style! Check it out here:


Cultural Fair!

Feeding the World in the 21st Century Lecture Series

Feeding the World in the 21st Century

The Global Affair Center (GAC) which is a part of the International Education Office organized a lecture series during the month of February. This symposium focused on global food and farming issues. Speakers consisted of people from various organizations and professors from different schools. These events are free and open to the Shoreline community. Many students, staff, faculty and community members attended the events.

One of the lectures I attended was on agricultural development in Africa. Two people from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came to our campus to discuss the opportunities and challenges of African agriculture. I am very interested in the topic because my major at Seattle University was International Studies and my minor was Global African Studies. I have learned and done research about farming and food aid in Africa. I thought that the lecture was interesting and informative. The speakers discussed crops, families and farming, food aid, food markets etc. They also presented statistics (graphs, pictures, charts) to help the audience understand the issues. People asked several questions and even stayed afterward to talk to the speakers.

These events are often extra credit for students (they will receive extra points for their class). So it is a great way to receive extra credit and learn something valuable!