A Snowy Trip to Leavenworth

On Saturday, about 40 students from Shoreline Community College joined a trip to Leavenworth held by the International Education Department. We went there to celebrate Christmas Lighting Festival when the Bavarian town…


becomes the Village of Lights…


Over half a million lights are used to brighten up the village. The village looks exactly like villages in fairy tales. There were also many people dressed up in costumes to show their holiday spirit.



And Leavenworth has snow! We don’t have a lot of snow in Seattle area, but Leavenworth is only two hours away and it has snow! We had tons of fun playing in the snow.



By the end of the day, everyone was too tired because of all the fun time we had during the trip.


I guess this is why they call it the most wonderful time of the year!

Photos and text by Beatrice Suherman