Summer 2016 Orientation

The Summer 2016 International Student Orientation Program (ISOP) was off to a great start with the arrival of new students from all over the world! …China, Colombia, India, Nepal, Thailand and more.  These young adults are already writing their own life stories that one day they will share with other new students coming to Shoreline Community College.  Let the adventures begin!

summer ISOP
Summer 2016

Meet Blanche, an International Peer Mentor!

I would like to introduce Blanche Cizubu, one of our new International Peer Mentors for 2016-2017. Blanche is from Kinshasa, Congo, and she began her studies at Shoreline Community College in Fall 2014.

Blanche chose Shoreline Community College because she liked the beautiful campus and found it to be a peaceful place to study. She also found that Shoreline Community College offered the major that she wanted to study, biochemistry.

Blanche is currently taking Calculus 152, which is her favorite class this quarter. Blanche likes to do really well in her classes so she visits the Math Learning Center to get extra help with some of her assignments and to prepare for tests. Blanche does a lot of studying and one of her favorite places to study on campus is the library. When she wants to study with classmates off campus, she likes to go to Rain Café, not far from the College.

Besides focusing on academic goals, she engages with other members of the campus community and has joined the African Student Club and the Science Club. Joining these clubs helped her to meet friends from the same continent and gave them a chance to share their stories about life in the United States. Through these clubs Blanche has also had an opportunity to meet many domestic students.

As a student leader, she encourages all students to get out and meet new people, participate in clubs and take advantage of all volunteer opportunities that are available.

Shin A Oh

Shakespeare in the Park 2016!

A woman laughs at a man dressed as a clown in a fancy suit
Image from the Seattle Shakespeare Company

The Seattle Shakespeare Company will be performing Hamlet, one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, in parks in the Seattle area this summer. The performances are free to attend, although donations are welcomed.

If Hamlet is a little too heavy for you, they will also be doing one of Shakespeare’s comedies, Love’s Labours Lost. You can see the plays in July and August. For locations and times, check the schedule.

If that’s not enough theater for you, you can also go to the Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival at Volunteer Park on July 9 and 10. (Pro tip: Lake View Cemetery is right next to Volunteer Park, so you can also go visit Bruce Lee’s grave—李小龙的墓碑.) There will be sixteen (!) plays performed in those two days. Again, this is a totally free event, but they do accept donations.