Spindrift Art Jury Show

02-21-17-spindrift-pic-1Spindrift is Shoreline Community College’s award-winning Art and Literary journal. It is a student run publication that collects student art and written submissions. The pieces selected for Spindrift are chosen during the Spindrift Art Jury Show. Students and contributors who visit the art show get to vote for up to ten of their favorite pieces. The most popular works are published in Spindrift 2017.

The show takes place on Wednesday, February 22nd and Thursday, February 23rd in the VCT (2000) building lobby. The works and voting are available anytime the building is open. Make sure you stop by during your free time and see these amazing student works!

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

02-16-17-3-on-3-picThe Shoreline Intramural Department is hosting an exciting 3 on 3 basketball tournament in March! All Shoreline students are welcome to participate, except current members of the men’s and women’s Shoreline basketball teams.

Teams of three or four can sign up together. If you don’t have a team already put together, you can sign up by yourself and be placed on one.

The sign up deadline is Wednesday, March 1st. The tournament itself is held from 9:00am – 1:50pm on Friday, March 3rd. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, you can go in-person to the Issue Room in building 3000 or email intramurals@shoreline.edu .

Valentine’s Day Around the World

Shoreline Community College’s International Peer Mentors come from all over the world. Here’s how they celebrate Valentine’s Day in their home countries!


Blanche, our IPM from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, says, “On Valentine’s Day in Congo people tend to dress in red (or pink) and black and when you’re dressed that way people on the street will call you ‘Valentine.’ Also, on Valentine’s Day flowers and all kinds of gifts are sold everywhere on the street.”

Jisa describes how Valentine’s Day is a holiday mainly for girls in Japan. “Only girls give boys chocolates. Nowadays, there are two meanings in those chocolates which girls give boys; chocolate wishing good friendship, or with confession of love. For boys, there are another day, which called “White Day” on 14th March, to give girls candy to response to Valentine’s Day.”

In South Korea, Jinhee shares there is also a separate Valentine’s Day and White Day. “Valentine’s Day in South Korea is quite different since this day is mostly only for couples, where in America people celebrate with whoever they love on Valentine’s Day. Normally girls give chocolate, presents to guys on Valentine’s Day, and there’s a ‘White Day’ on March 14th when guys give candies in return.”


In Indonesia, Valentine’s Day isn’t widely celebrated, but Yuron describes the various ways some people do spend the day. “People usually give out flowers, chocolate, or celebrate over dinner or a day out. Some people without couples would go out together while people with couples would go on dates. During Valentine’s Day, we can also see people selling balloons, flowers and other Valentine’s presents on the streets.”

Clara shares some of the more romantic things you can do with your loved one in China, “Normally, they would go to movies, go out for dinner, and send gifts. Chocolates, bear toys, and roses are one of the best choices for gifts. Different amounts of roses indicate different meanings as well. For example, one rose indicates ‘You are the only one I love,’ and ninety-nine roses indicate ‘I love you forever’ Also, Chinese people celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day every year, which is on lunar calendar 7th of July.”

In Jordan, Moe shares that everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, even if they’re not a romantic couple. “Everyone shows love to their family, friends and life partners. All schools, universities and major companies do bake sales and sell flowers on this day.”

TK says that in Thailand, everyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day, but only couples do major events. “In my high school, people either give small chocolates to friends or stick heart shape stickers on friends’ student uniforms.”

Megan thinks that Valentine’s Day in America reminds her of Hong Kong. “People in Hong Kong don’t treat Valentine’s Day as a special day, as couples celebrate normally while singles are moaning that they are single. But in some way I think the way we celebrate is kinda similar to the Americans, as someone who loves Valentines’ Day would give chocolates and flowers to their friends.”

Meg Humphrey

Save Money With Student Discounts

Being a student at Shoreline Community College gives you the opportunity to enjoy what makes this area unique. There are several Seattle attractions that will give you a discount for being a student. When you take a study break, think about checking out some of these activities!

02-09-17-student-discount-pic-2The 5th Avenue Theater will give students 50% off same-day tickets, starting 2 hours before show time. If you’re a fan of musical theater, this is definitely one place you should visit.

At the ACT Theatre, students can see plays and musicals for only $15. The ACT prides itself in supporting new and local artists.

Students receive 20% off tickets at the Meany Center for the Performing Arts. There’s a variety of shows, including dance and musical groups, exploring a variety of cultures.


For science fiction, media, and popular music fans, the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) is a must-see. Student tickets are $22, and be sure to check what their traveling exhibits are before you go.

The Seattle Repertory Theatre creates imaginative and lively stage plays and musicals. Students can buy $18 tickets to any of their shows.

You can see the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall for only $12. Along with classical music performances, they do special holiday themed shows and have many guest conductors from all over the world.

On a sunny day, head downtown to the Sky View Observatory. For $9, you can get the best view of Seattle from the 73rd floor observation deck.

For those students who are 19 and younger, check out TeenTix! It’s a Seattle based non-profit organization whose mission is to introduce people to the arts early. Through TeenTix, you can purchase $5 tickets for day-of events for many more Seattle area venues.

Meg Humphrey

Welcoming the Year of the Rooster

Last week, Shoreline Community College International Education, with support from the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington, held two Lunar New Year events. On Tuesday, January 31st, students from China, South Korea, and Vietnam introduced the unique Lunar New Year traditions in each country. Everyone who came to the event got to taste Chinese dumplings and other delicious dishes. They also tried traditional Chinese, South Korean, and Vietnamese snacks commonly eaten during Lunar New Year.


In addition to all the tasty things to eat, there were traditional activities from each country. The Chinese table taught the art of making dumplings—using play-doh, of course, to keep the mess to a minimum. At the Korean table, people played Yoot, a traditional game played during Lunar New Year. The Vietnamese table had calligraphy writing, which is also a traditional activity for Lunar New Year. There were also props for students to take selfies with. Over 150 Shoreline students, faculty and staff, and community members celebrated the Lunar New Year with us.


On Thursday, Jesse Appell presented his bilingual Great LOL of China Tour. After Jesse graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies, he received a Fulbright Fellowship to study and research Chinese comedy. In Beijing, Jesse was honored to become a registered student of Xiangsheng master Ding Guangquan. Combining the Chinese traditional Xiangsheng art and American stand-up comedy, Jesse put on a great show. The audience laughed out loud and had many questions to ask Jesse at the end of the show. Before the show, Jesse also visited the Chinese II class at Shoreline and gave the students some tips on learning Chinese language and culture. Jesse encouraged them to continue learning and to find an opportunity to visit China in the future.


Linda Du

Shoreline Students Funk and Groove

Funk & Groove is a Shoreline Community College music ensemble specializing in popular music from the 1970’s to present. Many genres of music are covered by Funk & Groove, including jazz, pop, R&B, and rap. They perform live shows around town and for campus functions like the Student Success Campaign Community Breakfast hosted by the Shoreline Community College Foundation.

Shoreline students performing in the Funk and Groove ensemble
Shoreline Community College music ensemble Funk & Groove

Funk & Groove will be playing a show at the Ould Triangle on Saturday, February 4. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support your fellow students, and have a ton of fun while doing it! The show starts at 8:00pm, make sure you arrive early to grab a good seat.

Meg Humphrey