Apply To Be an IPM Today!

International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are hiring! If you’re looking for a fun and unique leadership opportunity to engage with your fellow students, becoming an IPM may be right for you. To learn more about the position, visit the International Peer Mentor Facebook page. The deadline is Sunday, April 2nd, so don’t delay!

IPM App 2

Here’s what our current IPMs love about their experience working in the International Education Department, and why you should apply!


My favorite part about being an IPM would be helping students and also improving several aspects of myself (my weaknesses). One of the main reason I became an IPM was to improve my communication skills and I am happy that I have been able to do that and even more. Being an IPM has helped me engage and participate efficiently on campus activities and to develop my leadership skills. I would definitely recommend students to apply because it will be an amazing experience, new people to meet and different cultures to discover. Also, an opportunity to discover and truly appreciate shoreline and all the amazing staff members in the international department.

IPM App 1


I like being an IPM because I enjoy working, I love the friends I got to meet. Being an IPM helped me develop my personality and become a courageous person. I think students should apply because it’s a new experience with new people and students can learn a lot from that!


I really enjoy being an IPM because I got to do a lot of things that I really love to do such as helping others, problem solving, and meeting lots of new friends. I have improved and grew not only in myself, but also with my teammates. I observed and tried to learn the strengths of my teammates, and I really appreciate the diverse group that we had. I felt more engaged with SCC, and I felt more connected to my school, my advisors, and the staff. For the people who really have passion about helping others, and who are really want to learn something from this job, it will be a good chance for you!

IPM App 3


Being an IPM is the coolest thing I have done so far for my life. You get to meet new students and be friends with them, you get to have a group of friends from your work and hang out with them after work! Being an IPM makes me realize what my strengths and weaknesses are, learn how to appreciate other people even though they make mistakes, and so many things you could hardly believe.
Let me tell you, being an IPM can give you a lot of things you would not expect in the past, the present, and of course in the future. 🙂


I love being an IPM because I am able to engage with SCC a lot more, I get to plan and organize events for students, and it also allowed me to work with a lot of people on and off campus. It is amazing to see how me and other IPMs are growing together as well as other students. Being an IPM requires me to not only be a professional staff, but also a friendly approachable student mentor. This is what I really like about this position. I really recommend IPM positions to every student who is willing to learn and contribute to the campus.


I like being an IPM because it helps me to grow up as a person and as a member of the society. I learned how to work in an International Ed office, helped and assisted students who have questions or are troubled. I also get to know more about Shoreline community College since I became an IPM. I think students should apply because IPM is a job where you can polish your leadership style and gain a unique experiences in SCC.


Becoming IPM is practice for speaking English, challenging work for the international team, and experience to work as a paid staff in the U.S. I think, IPM is not brilliant job, you take care of people, put posters on wall, and clean up, and so on. However, if you want to feel how hard working the international team is, and how awesome it is when we achieved something together, you should apply for this.

Shoreline Short Short Film Festival

Shoreline Short Short Film Festival03-23-17 SSFF


The first ever Shoreline Short Short Film Festival will take place on Saturday, March 25th! The festival starts at 7:00pm in the Shoreline Community College Theater. Tickets are $20 and they can be bought at the door, or you can reserve them over at the Shoreline Arts Council.

All of the films are three to ten minutes long, and they come from filmmakers all over Washington State. The best films will be honored with prizes and the audience will be able to vote for their favorite. Come and show your support for our local artists, actors, and filmmakers!

– Meg Humphrey

Global Showcase 2017

Global Showcase 2017, hosted by the International Peer Mentors, took place on Tuesday, February 28. Global Showcase is an annual presentation and celebration of cultures by Shoreline students and from around the world! Students from 18 different regions of the world participated: Kazakhstan, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, France, Pakistan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Jordan, Japan, and Central and West Africa. People walking through the Main Dining Room were able to see stage performances, try traditional snacks and beverages, play traditional games and instruments, and even try on clothing at the various booths. They were also able to chat with the student representatives at each booth and learn about many subjects, from language and history to tourism and pop culture. Check out some of the photos below! Photo credit goes to 204 Photographers.

Group Photo

The Kazakhstan booth featured incredible photos of the country and traditional foods, as well as various traditional clothing items for people to try on.

Kazakhstan Booth

The Saudi Arabia booth set up a tent with a beautiful tea set and other decorations, and people were invited to try on clothing and take photos in the tent.

Saudi Arabia Booth

Pakistan and India created a booth together, showcasing photos of architecture, beautiful traditional fabrics, and jewelry.

India Pakistan Booth

The South Korea booth set up plenty of snacks and candies, and had a game for people to try!

South Korea Booth

In addition to the booths, Global Showcase also featured stage performances. There were musical performances, traditional dance, and more! The photo below shows the game that the Indonesian students ran on stage, with contestants racing to finish eating their dangling treat first.

Indonesia Game

There was also a Fashion Show up on stage, with students sharing traditional clothing that is worn for both special occasions and for everyday wear.

Fashion Show

More photos can be found online at 204 Photographer’s Facebook page, and on Shoreline Community College Public Information Office’s official flickr album.

We were happy to see many international and domestic students come through Global Showcase this year to learn about all of the cultures – and we loved seeing faculty and staff from many areas around campus. We noticed plenty of students and staff alike participating in the games, trying on clothing, and tasting all the beverages and snacks! There were even a couple International Education staff members who got involved by creating their own booth or wearing traditional clothing from their own culture. Global Showcase 2017 was a blast this year and it was a wonderful opportunity for the campus to come together and celebrate the great diversity we have in our community. A big thank you to all of the participants and attendees – we’ll see you next year!

– Yushin Wung

BREATHE Events Winter 2017

The end of the quarter can be stressful for everyone, but Shoreline wants to help you get through the last push before finals week. BREATHE are campus sponsored events throughout campus every day until March 21st. They are the perfect opportunity to take a moment to relax and re-energize for your studying.

03-14-17 BREATHE Pic 1

An exciting addition to this quarter’s BREATHE events are live performances by DAIPAN Butoh. Butoh is a unique and innovative Japanese performance art originating in the 1950s. To learn more about DAIPAN Butoh Collective, you can visit them at their website.

03-14-17 BREATHE Pic 2

Below is a full schedule of events:

Tuesday, March 14th

Gymnasium* 3025

12:35pm-1:25pm: Come Try Pilates – Newcomers Welcome!

1000 Building, Lobby

4:30pm-6:30pm: DAIPAN Butoh Performance Event


Wednesday, March 15th

Gymnasium* 3025

12:35pm-1:25pm: Come Try Yoga – Newcomers Welcome!

Gymnasium* 3012

5:05pm-5:50pm: Fitness Center Orientation – Newcomers Welcome!


Thursday, March 16th

Counseling Center (FOSS 5245)

9:00am – 4:00pm:

  • Healthy Snacks
  • Jewelry Making
  • Arts, Crafts, & Games
  • Community Puzzle
  • Stress Socks
  • Stress Management/Study Skills Handouts
  • 10:30am-12:30pm & 1:00pm-3:00pm: Professional 15-minute Massage for Students (first come, first serve!)

PUB 9102

10:00am-12:00pm: Study Rooms: The Multicultural Center (MC) is sponsoring Study Rooms for Winter Quarter 2017. A Study Room is an interactive setting to bring your friends, classmates, and colleagues to study for midterms, finish homework, do essays, and projects for all your courses. The Study Room will be staffed by MC employees. Snacks, drinks, and school supplies will be provided by the MC.

PUB Quiet Dining Room (9208)

11:00am-1:00pm: Chill-out with Science:  Engineering Pasta and Marshmallow Towers (Engineering Club), Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Social (Science Club), Sensory Activity Table (Biology Department)

Library, Room 4216

12:30pm-2:00pm: Make Your Own Mason Jar Terrarium!

Gymnasium* 3025

12:35pm-1:25pm: Come Try Zumba – Newcomers Welcome!


Friday, March 17th

Gymnasium* 3025

12:35pm-1:25pm: Come Try Yoga – Newcomers Welcome!


TBD: Acroyoga: Watch and/or learn acrobatic yoga moves with the Acroyoga Club


Tuesday, March 21st

PUB Lounge

3:30pm-4:30pm: Paper Crane Folding

1000 Building, Lobby

4:30pm-5:30pm: DAIPAN Butoh Performance Event

*All activities in the gym require tennis shoes and no hard black soles.

Sponsored by: Counseling Center, Multicultural Center, The Writing & Learning Studio, Ray W. Howard Library, PE/Intramurals, Science Division, SCC Art Gallery, Student Leadership Center Science Club, Acroyoga Club, Engineering Club, Science Club, DAIPAN Butoh Collective Visiting Artists.

First Thursdays: Free Musuems

On the first Thursday of every month, many museums in Washington (and all over the United States) are free to the public! Below are some wonderful local options. Check out Free Museum Day for a complete list.


The Burke Museum is located on the edge of the University of Washington campus. The Burke focuses on natural and cultural history, with deep respect for Indigenous and Native populations from the past and present.

The Seattle Asian Art Museum is tucked away in Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill. Walking around the park and visiting the museum is a lovely way to spend an afternoon or evening. The museum has collections from all over Asian and often has special rotating exhibits.

For those willing to travel to the east side, the Bellevue Arts Museum is a great choice. Their exhibits explore art, craft, and design. You’ll find works like sculpture, jewelry, and furniture, as well as pieces made from ordinary objects. If it’s nice out, you can go down the road and visit the nearby Bellevue Botanical Garden, which is always free!

In the First Hill neighborhood, you can find the Frye Art Museum. This museum is actually always free, so if you’re busy on a Thursday, you can visit any day of the week. The Frye focuses on contemporary art and artists.


The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) is housed in a beautiful new building on South Lake Union. MOHAI tells the story of how Seattle was founded. It shows how Seattle has grown to be the city we know and love, and what Seattle can be in the future.

The Seattle Art Museum is in the heart of downtown Seattle, only a short walk from Pike Place Market. The SAM has a long history of gathering world-class visual arts. They feature a mix of local and global works and artists. They are always updating and adding, with plenty of traveling exhibits to bring you back to the museum.

In the International District, the Wing Luke Museum celebrates the Asian Pacific Americans who helped shape the Pacific Northwest. They also host neighborhood tours and events; make sure you stop by to learn more about their programs.

– Meg Humphrey