Visit the Washington State Fair

The Washington State Fair opens its doors on September 1st! The fair is held at the Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup Washington. It’s a little over an hour drive from Shoreline, but there is plenty of parking and also plenty of public transportation options to get there.

08-31-17 Washington State Fair 3

There’s plenty for you to do and see at the fair. Along with the traditional amusement park rides, there’s also carnival games, music and shows, animals, art displays, and contests. Don’t worry about going hungry, there’s plenty of options for whatever food you’re craving. Check out this list of 101 FREE things to do at the fair!

08-31-17 Washington State Fair 2

The fair continues through September 24, and is open every day of the week except Tuesdays. If you’re able to, it might be a good idea to check it out on a weekday where there will be less traffic and smaller crowds. Tickets at the gate are $14 for anyone over 18, and $10.50 for people 18 and younger. For more detailed information, visit the Washington State Fair website.

08-31-17 Washington State Fair

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– Meg Humphrey
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Program Highlight: Nursing

08-29-17 NursingThe Nursing Program at Shoreline Community College is a fantastic pathway to get into the nursing field! When students complete the program, they graduate with an Associate in Applied Science-Transfer degree and are prepared to take the examination to be licensed as a Registered Nurse. Ninety percent of the students who entered the program in the 2015-2016 year reported getting a job as a Registered Nurse within six months of graduating (Student Achievement Outcomes)!


The Nursing Program admits students during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. They have a 6-quarter and 10-quarter program option, depending on how many credits of nursing classes students want to take per quarter.  Applicants need to apply to Shoreline Community College and be accepted first, then they can apply for the Nursing Program once they have their student ID number.

08-29-17 Nursing 2

Different from the nursing program, students can work on getting their Pre-Nursing transfer degrees if they want to move on to 4-year universities to pursue a bachelor degree. The Pre-Nursing Planning Guide is a great tool to see what classes need to be taken in order to obtain this degree. This can be especially helpful for transfer-in students who have taken some classes already!

The Nursing Program Website has a lot of information for students to look through, including program brochures, prerequisite checklists, and answers to frequently asked questions about applying to the program.

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– Meg Humphrey

Free Concerts at Seattle Center

Come get a taste of Seattle’s independent music scene at Seattle Center! Every Friday during August, KEXP 90.3FM and Seattle Center sponsor free concerts.  They take place on the Mural Amphitheatre Lawn starting at 5:30 pm.

08-03-17 Concerts at the Mural

These concerts are completely free and welcome all ages. Seating is limited, so you want to get there a little early. You can bring your own picnic food or head to the Armory and buy a delicious dinner to enjoy while you watch.

Below is the 2017 line up:

Friday, August 4
The Helio Sequence
Summer Cannibals

Friday, August 11
Haley Heynderickx

Friday, August 18
Surprise Guest
The Courtneys

Friday, August 25
The Maldives
Industrial Revelation
Emma Lee Toyoda

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Meet Your IPMs: Duy and Freeman!

The International Peer Mentors for the 2017-2018 school year are excited to begin working with all of our wonderful students. Learn a little more about two of the eight new IPMs below!

Duy Nguyen (Vietnam)


Major: Hospitality

Dream Job: Hotel Manager or Event Planner

Shoreline CC Clubs/Activities: Just Dance Club

Why he became an IPM: I want to improve my communication skills as well as help the students out, especially the new ones. Moreover, I want to see this world with different paradigms since our school has students who are from more than 50 countries. I believe that looking at the world with a broader lens will help me become a better person.

What he likes best about studying here: A lot of clubs with a lot of activities is the best thing that I like about studying at Shoreline. In addition, the faculty, staff, and instructors do their job professionally and they are very friendly.

Come talk to Duy if you have an idea to make an event in our school! He loves hosting events!

Xiao “Freeman” Zhang (China)

08-08-17 Freeman

Major: Sports Management

Favorite Foods: Beijing roast duck and poké bowls

Shoreline CC Clubs/Activities: Chinese Culture Club and two times orientation volunteer

Why he became an IPM: I really want to help international students in the orientation and other times of each quarter, just like when they helped me when I first came here. Also, I especially enjoy helping others and I hope I can assist other students as much as I can. Becoming an IPM can also improve my communication and teamwork skills while working with my team, which is made up of other international students from different countries.

Advice for students to be successful and happy: My advice is not only focus on your studies, but also participate in different exciting school events and social events which can help you make many friends. Also, the experience of social activities can help you transfer to your dream university more easily.

Come talk to Freeman if you like sports (especially the New York Knicks), or want to ask for help in your life of studying at Shoreline!

– Meg Humphrey

Meet Your IPMs: Hady and Ploy!

The International Peer Mentors for the 2017-2018 school year are excited to begin working with all of our wonderful students. Learn a little more about two of the eight new IPMs below!

Hady Flore Mafeugang Kougang (Cameroon)


Major: Nursing

Dream Job: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, because I love the cute little tiny human and really enjoy seeing them go from a premature state to fully functioning babies.

Why she became an IPM: I became an IPM to help students while sharing and learning new cultural backgrounds. I believe that diversity is what makes the world beautiful and interesting, and understanding this makes the Earth a better place to live.

Why she chose Shoreline: Shoreline is the only community college with a university’s standards and facilities. Teachers, whose teaching techniques are effective, are also great and available. Furthermore, Shoreline is well equipped with facilities that ease student life, especially international students.

Come talk to Hady if you need a friend!! And if you love health related movies or shows. She would love to learn about your country, what makes your origin unique, and to learn your language!

Nannapas “Ploy” Muenprasitivej (Thailand)

08-01-17 Ploy

Major: Food Science

Favorite Foods: Pad Thai, papaya salad, curries, and noodles

Shoreline CC Clubs/Activities: Just Dance Club

Why she became an IPM: I would like to help other international students when they need help and also be able to work with many people from different countries. Since we only live once, I want to explore and gain more experiences about working with other people. Not only is it helping me prepare for the working life, but also will let me know my strengths and weaknesses.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s normal to make mistakes because it is what everybody has done. We can learn from it.

Come talk to Ploy if you love to do active activities (such as bungee jumping), or want to do a study group for chemistry or biology!

– Meg Humphrey