Graduation BBQ

On June 3rd 2016, the graduation BBQ was a success. We had about 300 students come to enjoy this event. It took place at the Carkeek Park. The International Education department, the Multicultural Center, the Athletic Department, International Peer Mentors (IPMs), and Associated Student Government (ASG) contributed to this event. The weather was very nice and we had a great beach view with a clear sky. Many students enjoyed eating kebabs and hamburgers at the same time enjoying some fresh air before their finals.  Students were able to play badminton, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and other group activities. Shoreline students had a great time mingling and talking with their friends and International Education staff as well. It was also a great opportunity to get to know some new students. Students who were graduating happily talked about their transfer plans and reminisced on their times at Shoreline.

This event was the last event that the current IPMs planned and participated in as contributors, and they were sad to being saying good bye to Shoreline. The new IPMs volunteered and supported this event by helping prepare the food and encouraging students to join games and activities. A couple of students from the Ukulele club performed and started singing with everyone.

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Shin A Oh

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