Academic Resource: Tutoring Services

Tutoring services offers free one-on-one tutoring (up to two hours a week). The purpose of tutoring services is to help students who need assistance with completing their school work and offers support in specific subject matters. Students will be able to not only gain and review their knowledge through the tutoring services but will also learn how to engage with other students and learn from each other.

Karin and Jessica

When you first walk in to tutoring services, you will meet Karin Heffel-Steele and Jessica Gonzalez. Jessica is a Program Coordinator, and welcomes students at the front desk and is always happy to answer your questions. She coordinates the tutoring application process and connects tutors with students who need their help. Karin Heffel-Steele, another friendly employee of the Tutoring Center, is the Manager of Tutoring & Academic Support. She advises students who are interested in the tutoring services to be prepared for each meeting. Students should always bring their assignments and prepare questions for their tutor ahead of time. These tips will help you get the most out of your tutoring sessions.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask and don’t be afraid to get to know the staff. They are friendly and willing to spend time with students to support and achieve their academic success.

Now that you know how great they are, visit their website to learn more or apply for tutoring assistance!

Shin A Oh


One thought on “Academic Resource: Tutoring Services

  1. The tutoring services have always been great at Shoreline CC, no matter which tutor has helped me! The only downside is that they only offer 2 hours of free tutoring a week and a lot of the time I need more than that, especially for my classes that are heavy science and math based. I’ve used some free resources online for self-tutoring but by far my best option has been a private tutor (like Sandweiss) in addition to the hours I get at Shoreline Community College.

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