Mother’s Day

The United States celebrated Mother’s Day on May 15th. Shoreline Community College’s International Peer Mentors share how they celebrate their mothers and parents in their home countries!

05-18-17 Mother's Day 1
Clever Cupcakes, Montreal Canada, Mother’s Day Cupcakes (CC BY 2.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Clara Zhang

In China, we celebrate Mother’s day at the second Sunday of May every year. It is the time for mothers to take a break and relax. As children, we usually give our mother carnation as a gift, cook a fancy dinner for our mom, and help with housework. We also sometimes give our mom a massage during that day. The purpose of the Mother’s Day is not only to reduce our mother’s pressure for one day, it is more about raising attention among children to take more care about their mothers.

05-18-17 Mother's Day 2
Tianmu peter (CC BY 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Megan Lo

I would say people in Hong Kong celebrate Mother’s Day like in the US. Grown-up children (usually daughters) would buy flowers and make fancy dinners, as well as spend more time (than usual) with their mums. You know, to appreciate what they have done for us over the years. 🙂 P.S. I love you, mum ❤

05-18-17 Mother's Day 3
Nori Norisa, 娘がかみさんに内緒で母の日プレゼント用意してる (CC BY 2.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Jisa Kang

In Japan, we have custom that we give mother flowers, especially carnations. Kids give them picture or painting stuffs which made by themselves. Adult give them some stuffs sometimes. But I’m feeling that this custom and Mother’s Day are more forgettable than other events like Christmas as well as Father’s Day in next month. In case of me, I have never given something to my mom since I was in elementary school. 😄

Blanche Cizubu

We do not have a proper mother’s day in D.R. Congo. Instead, every May 1st, we celebrate Parent’s Day which is the same day as National Work Day. So, parents don’t go to work which is perfect because we get to spend the entire day with them. What we usually do on that day is go on excursion, cook dinner for the parents, and thank them for everything.

Jinhee Jeong

In South Korea, May 8th was originally Mother’s Day in 1956, but in 1973 it officially became Parent’s Day. Since then in South Korea people have been celebrating Parent’s day. On that day we give thanks to our parents, give them flower (carnation) and gifts (card, etc).

TK Siripornrungrueng

Mother’s day in Thailand is on the 12th of August which is on the Queen’s birthday. All or most of Thai people will wear a blue color shirts, and we will gather to sing a song in honor of the Queen. Also, we will spend most of our time on that day with the family, especially mother.

Moe Khamis

Mother’s day in Jordan is March 21st, we usually celebrate it by buying our mom a gift and a card and going out to have dinner together at night.

Yuron Anggara

Yes, we have Mother’s day in Indonesia. It is not really a big occasion but usually me and my siblings would get a flower or a present and then have dinner afterwards.

– Meg Humphrey


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