Meet Your IPMs: Duy and Freeman!

The International Peer Mentors for the 2017-2018 school year are excited to begin working with all of our wonderful students. Learn a little more about two of the eight new IPMs below!

Duy Nguyen (Vietnam)


Major: Hospitality

Dream Job: Hotel Manager or Event Planner

Shoreline CC Clubs/Activities: Just Dance Club

Why he became an IPM: I want to improve my communication skills as well as help the students out, especially the new ones. Moreover, I want to see this world with different paradigms since our school has students who are from more than 50 countries. I believe that looking at the world with a broader lens will help me become a better person.

What he likes best about studying here: A lot of clubs with a lot of activities is the best thing that I like about studying at Shoreline. In addition, the faculty, staff, and instructors do their job professionally and they are very friendly.

Come talk to Duy if you have an idea to make an event in our school! He loves hosting events!

Xiao “Freeman” Zhang (China)

08-08-17 Freeman

Major: Sports Management

Favorite Foods: Beijing roast duck and poké bowls

Shoreline CC Clubs/Activities: Chinese Culture Club and two times orientation volunteer

Why he became an IPM: I really want to help international students in the orientation and other times of each quarter, just like when they helped me when I first came here. Also, I especially enjoy helping others and I hope I can assist other students as much as I can. Becoming an IPM can also improve my communication and teamwork skills while working with my team, which is made up of other international students from different countries.

Advice for students to be successful and happy: My advice is not only focus on your studies, but also participate in different exciting school events and social events which can help you make many friends. Also, the experience of social activities can help you transfer to your dream university more easily.

Come talk to Freeman if you like sports (especially the New York Knicks), or want to ask for help in your life of studying at Shoreline!

– Meg Humphrey

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