Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at Shoreline

On October 4, Shoreline celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in the Quiet Dining Room. Students came to try many flavors of mooncakes, watched the Chinese TV Gala, and decorated their own paper lanterns.

10-05-17 Mid Autumn Festival 1

The Mid-Autumn Festival is meant to give thanks for the harvest and for peaceful unions. It also celebrates the gathering of family and friends, and gives the opportunity for people to pray for good fortune in their future.

10-05-17 Mid Autumn Festival 2

Mooncakes are a traditional food of the festival because it symbolizes completeness and reunion. Making and sharing round mooncakes celebrates families. Some traditional flavors are pineapple, salted egg yolk, mixed nuts, and mungbean.

10-05-17 Mid Autumn Festival 3

Colorful lanterns are a staple of many Chinese celebrations. They like to hang them from buildings or carry them around. Sometimes people write riddles on them and have others guess. People also make Kongming floating lanterns, and children often write wishes on them before releasing them into the sky.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with us! To find out about more events on and around campus, make sure you follow the International Education Facebook page.

-Meg Humphrey

2 thoughts on “Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at Shoreline

    1. Yes, mooncakes are a Chinese pastry that can be either sweet or savory, with fillings that include fruits, nuts, egg, or even meat.

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