A Thankful International Education Week, November 15-19, 2021

Last week, November 15-19, 2021, we celebrated the International Education Week (IEW) at Shoreline Community College and collaboratively across the U.S. and around the world. During a season of gratitude, here are three things we are especially thankful for.

1. On Monday, November 15th, the 2021 Open Doors Report released the new data of international students at Associate’s colleges. Shoreline Community College currently ranks 16 in the U.S. We are thankful to welcome our international students from 68 different countries!

International students enjoy a ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island

2. We are thankful to have had a successful International Education Week with six different events this year! Shoreline’s faculty and staff shared their global stories on social media. Student panelists shared the meaning and cultures behind their names. Honors College students shared folklore stories from five diverse cultures. Alumni shared their OPT (Optional Practical Training) employment experiences in the U.S. and tips for current students. WCCCSA (Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad) introduced upcoming study abroad programs and resources. And we have two student winners for International Trivia! We genuinely appreciate everyone who is contributing to our global environment.

Students and staff share stories and cultural meanings behind their names during International Education Week

3. There have been various educational outreach events for Shoreline to promote internationalization. We are thankful for the opportunities to be part of these events and initiatives. Our current students participated in two EducationUSA events last week. Another two students and our Vice President of Student Services and International Education, Samira Pardanani, were interviewed for a chapter in the upcoming book, “International Students at US Community Colleges: Opportunities, Challenges, and Successes.” Shoreline was specifically sought out to contribute to this book, as we are among the top 20 community colleges in the U.S. for international student enrollment and are thus seen as a national leader in the field of International Education.

International Education Week 2021

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