Join a Club at Shoreline!

Now that you’ve had time to adjust to your new classes and catch up on your reading, it’s time to see what else Shoreline has to offer! Join us on Wednesday, October 18 for the Back to School Kick-off event. It will take place in the PUB Main Dining Room from 11:30am – 2:30pm.

10-17-17 Club Kick off 1

There will be over 50 student organizations there, covering a wide range of interests and causes. Joining a club is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

10-17-17 Club Kick Off 2

Whether your goal is to learn about other cultures (or celebrate your own), find a fun way to exercise, improve your skills, or make this world a better place, you’ll find the right organization for you.

10-17-17 Club Kick Off 3

Check out the active club roster to get an idea of who will be there! Follow the International Education Facebook for more events and school news.

10-17-17 Club Kick Off 4

– Meg Humphrey

Program Highlight: Nursing

08-29-17 NursingThe Nursing Program at Shoreline Community College is a fantastic pathway to get into the nursing field! When students complete the program, they graduate with an Associate in Applied Science-Transfer degree and are prepared to take the examination to be licensed as a Registered Nurse. Ninety percent of the students who entered the program in the 2015-2016 year reported getting a job as a Registered Nurse within six months of graduating (Student Achievement Outcomes)!


The Nursing Program admits students during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. They have a 6-quarter and 10-quarter program option, depending on how many credits of nursing classes students want to take per quarter.  Applicants need to apply to Shoreline Community College and be accepted first, then they can apply for the Nursing Program once they have their student ID number.

08-29-17 Nursing 2

Different from the nursing program, students can work on getting their Pre-Nursing transfer degrees if they want to move on to 4-year universities to pursue a bachelor degree. The Pre-Nursing Planning Guide is a great tool to see what classes need to be taken in order to obtain this degree. This can be especially helpful for transfer-in students who have taken some classes already!

The Nursing Program Website has a lot of information for students to look through, including program brochures, prerequisite checklists, and answers to frequently asked questions about applying to the program.

Make sure you follow the International Education Facebook page for more information and announcements about the programs at Shoreline Community College!

– Meg Humphrey

Medical Insurance

Medical care in the U.S. is very expensive!  Therefore, as an international student (F-1 visa), you are REQUIRED to have health insurance during your studies at Shoreline Community College.  In order to ensure adequate coverage, you MUST purchase this insurance through the College.

 Shoreline Community College Requirements

If you are purchasing medical insurance through Shoreline Community College:

  • The college contracts with Firebird International Insurance, which is provided by Summit America.  The cost of the Firebird International Insurance plan is US$366 per quarter.  Coverage is also available for your child(ren) and/or spouse during your studies.

  • You will purchase the insurance plan when you register for classes each quarter and pay the premium along with your tuition.

  • You are required to attend the Health Care session with a Firebird International Insurance representative during ISOP (new student orientation) and will receive the insurance policy and ID card.

  • Maximum benefit of U.S. $250,000 per illness or injury

  • Coverage anywhere in the world including your home country only in the event of an emergency.

  • Medical evacuation back to your home country – maximum benefit of up to $50,000

  • Repatriation of remains – maximum benefit of up to $50,000

To view complete coverage and policy details, please visit the Firebird International Insurance website




International Student Orientation


Orientation is very important for your success. Attendance is mandatory.  We recommend arriving at least two days before orientation begins. This will give you time to recover from a long trip and start your college career feeling good!

During orientation, you will:

• take Math and English placement tests

• receive academic advising and register for classes

• have seminars to help you adjust to living and studying in the USA

• meet the entire International Education (IE) staff

• take a campus tour

• take a Seattle tour

Orientation will be informative and fun!  You will make new friends while discovering all that Shoreline Community College has to offer.


1. Remember to bring your passport and I-20 document, U.S. address/phone # information (host family or apartment), medical insurance information (if you already have one from your country), $20 in cash for the math placement test.

2.  If you have taken an English assessment test in the last 2 years and received a high score you may be eligible to enroll directly into college-level English or be placed in advanced English language courses: English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Learn more at our website! *You MUST submit ORIGINAL scores to us 7 days prior to orientation!

3. You will pay tuition and fees AFTER you register for classes.  Payment due is within 5 business days of registering or the first day of the quarter, whichever comes first.

4. Payment methods: At the Cashier—credit card (Mastercard or Visa), traveler’s checks, personal checks or cash.  Online payment by credit card or payment by phone is also available. (You’ll learn more details at orientation.)

6. If for some reason, you are not going to be able to come to Shoreline Community College as planned, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to let us know at BEFORE orientation begins. We need to make the necessary changes on your SEVIS record based on immigration regulations.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle and our beautiful campus!


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Club Kickoff

Yesterday was the club kick-off! Shoreline has over 50 student clubs and many of them were in the cafeteria to talk about their clubs and how students can join. Some clubs that were present are:

the Science ClubIndonesian FellowshipSoccer ClubAfrican Student ClubStudent Governmentthe Manufacturing Club, SCC Philosophy Club etc.

Davin, a current International Peer Mentor, attended the event to talk to students about the IPMs. Please read about his experience below!

The club kickoff is an event produced by SCC to show all students the clubs on our campus. People who participated in the event include: club members, club organizers and students. Students are able to find out about different clubs and they can sign up to become a member of the clubs that match their hobbies and interests.

Each club has to set up a table with information and materials related to their club. Most of the clubs made a poster with pictures and a description about their purpose and activities they coordinate. I was at the IPM table which was set up with a poster describing our club and what we do. We also had sign-up sheets for future events which students could volunteer at. We were asked a lot of questions mainly about the different events we plan, how to join, ways to volunteer etc… Students were really enthusiastic and interested in our club. We even had 6 pages of students who signed up to be volunteers!

There were also a lot of other clubs students were interested in such as SLC (student leadership center), Science Club, Make Stuff Club, Hong Kong Student Allianceand much more. This event definitely encourages students to become more active on campus and to create relationships among students and between clubs.

~ Davin (current IPM)

AJOU Visit

The SCC International Education Office hosted a group of 20 students from Ajou Motor College, Boryeong, South Korea, accompanied by Professor Seong Cheol Choi, here to attend a two-week program (June 29 – July 13, 2012) that combined Automotive training, ESL training, and visits to several  of the Puget Sound region’s premier commercial and cultural destinations.  The Ajou Motor College, parallel to Shoreline’s Automotive Center, is a top school for automotive technical training in South Korea.

Our Ajou guests were tutored in some of the finer points of automotive system analysis by Janos Szablya, and received ESL training by Betsy Binnian.  The group made several field trips, including:

–          Kenworth/PACCAR Truck Manufacturing Plant, Renton

–          Lexus of Bellevue auto dealership

–          Lee John Chevrolet, Kirkland, auto dealership

–          LeMay Automotive Museum, Tacoma

–          Boeing Future of Flight Center, Everett

–          Museum of Flight, Renton

–          Pike Place Market, Seattle

–          Tillicum Village, Blake Island

Based on preliminary feedback by the students reported to Professor Choi, it seems that they were very satisfied with the program.  They thought the automotive and ESL training programs were excellent.  They enjoyed the field visits, and especially enjoyed the opportunities to interact with U.S. students in some of the classes and on field trips.  Their only complaint was that two weeks was not long enough, they would rather the program be three or four weeks!

Larry Fuell

Director, Global Affairs Center

International Education

Scholarship Reception

We are so excited to announce that we now have scholarships available for international students! This is the first year the International Education (IE) Office awarded international students with scholarships. Six current Shoreline students were awarded $250-$500. We held a reception in our office to celebrate the hard working students and present them with their certificates and some treats. The IE staff was there to congratulate and support all of the students. We look forward to giving more scholarships in the future!