Program Highlight: Nursing

08-29-17 NursingThe Nursing Program at Shoreline Community College is a fantastic pathway to get into the nursing field! When students complete the program, they graduate with an Associate in Applied Science-Transfer degree and are prepared to take the examination to be licensed as a Registered Nurse. Ninety percent of the students who entered the program in the 2015-2016 year reported getting a job as a Registered Nurse within six months of graduating (Student Achievement Outcomes)!


The Nursing Program admits students during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. They have a 6-quarter and 10-quarter program option, depending on how many credits of nursing classes students want to take per quarter.  Applicants need to apply to Shoreline Community College and be accepted first, then they can apply for the Nursing Program once they have their student ID number.

08-29-17 Nursing 2

Different from the nursing program, students can work on getting their Pre-Nursing transfer degrees if they want to move on to 4-year universities to pursue a bachelor degree. The Pre-Nursing Planning Guide is a great tool to see what classes need to be taken in order to obtain this degree. This can be especially helpful for transfer-in students who have taken some classes already!

The Nursing Program Website has a lot of information for students to look through, including program brochures, prerequisite checklists, and answers to frequently asked questions about applying to the program.

Make sure you follow the International Education Facebook page for more information and announcements about the programs at Shoreline Community College!

– Meg Humphrey

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