Meet SCC’s Student Body President: GUN

1. Tell us a little about yourself 

Hi there, my name is Kanpong Thaweesuk. I go shortly by “Gun”. I am from Thailand, and my nickname is actually more meaningful than a firearm. It means “together” in Thai. So, I am not harmful, but friendly and outgoing. I came to Shoreline Community College in Spring 2010, majoring in business (transfer degree). I enjoy playing guitar, listening to music, and travelling.

2. Why did you choose to study at Shoreline?

I chose Shoreline because I like the green environment at the college. After looking at pictures of Shoreline, I was attracted to all of the trees (there are lots!) and the facilities.

3. How have you gotten involved on campus?

I have been extensively involved on the SCC campus. I worked as an International Peer Mentor (IPM) in 2010-2011. As an IPM, I was assigned to support new and continuing international students. Other IPMs and I organized quarterly events and activities/events and advocated on their behalf. In my second year (2011-2012), I was elected for the Student Body President. I got the opportunity to help serve over 10,000 students at the college as well as manage the student budget (over $1.5 million!). Being an IPM and now the Student Body President, I have discovered my passion which is serving others. Therefore, I decided to stay at Shoreline one more year and continue serving Shoreline students as the Student Body President in 2012-2013.

4. What have you learned from your experience at Shoreline?

My study abroad experience has truly been valuable for me. Shoreline is a great place to learn. I have gained knowledge at SCC from the many supportive, well-educated, and passionate teachers. I am also developing skills from learning opportunities outside of classroom. The campus community have been supportive in allowing me to gain practical experiences. I have learned to grow by taking actions out of my comfort zone which has given me skills and experiences that are priceless.

5. What is your favorite class that you have taken?

Multicultural Communication (CMST203). I learned about power, privilege and difference which are concepts that impact everyone on a daily basis.

6. What advice would you give future students?

If a student is seeking to learn and grow, I would suggest that you come to Shoreline with a will to learn. After your arrival, you remind yourself about the eagerness and the will that you have, and stay out of your comfort zone. Then, I am sure that you will grow much more than you might expect, because you will receive a lot of support here at Shoreline.

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