Transfer Fair 2012!

Over 90 universities and colleges from all over the U.S. were here at Shoreline on Monday! Representatives from these schools participated in our transfer fair which happens every year. This fair gives international students the opportunity to meet and speak with a representative from the school they are interested in transferring to. Students get to ask questions about admissions, different majors, campus life etc…

Vimol – an international student who has been studying at SCC for one year – is interested in transferring to a university to study nursing. She attended the transfer fair and said, “I learned a lot about the requirements different schools have for admission. I also learned about the competitiveness of the schools I want to apply to, all of the information that I received will allow me to compare schools”. Vimol is particularly interested in several schools in California. She was able to walk up to different booths and grab brochures, sign up on email lists to receive more information in the future and talk to the representatives. She said, “I had the chance to talk to a lot of California schools as well as the University of Washington, it was very helpful for me”.

The transfer fair is a great opportunity for international students and as Vimol expressed,

“we get to explore all of the transfer possibilities”. 

Some schools that were present are:

–          University of Washington

–          UC Berkeley

–          UC Davis

–          Indiana University Purdue University

–          Seattle University

–          UC San Diego

–          University of San Francisco

–          Columbia College

–          Arizona State University

–          State University of New York Buffalo

Please click on the picture below to see some pictures from the fair!

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