Meet International Peer Mentors 2012-13

The International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are current international students who are here to welcome and introduce you to the vibrant campus life of Shoreline Community College. You’ll see them at Orientation, other special events, and usually whenever you visit the International Education office.

Vimol Mok – Cambodia

Welcome to Shoreline! My name is Vimol, and I’m very excited to be an International Peer Mentor this year! I know you are very excited about coming to explore a new world. Shoreline Community College has a variety of programs and resources that have been helping me to achieve my academic goals of Associate in Sciences. My professors are very supportive in assisting me to build my fundamental skills in American education. Shortly after I arrived here, I realized that there were many activities I could be involved in. During my first quarter, I joined clubs and participated in many enjoyable events that Shoreline offered. These activities helped me to learn about my fellow students and the surrounding community. I like how Shoreline has many friendly students from different countries which given me opportunity for me to learn about global education as well as cultural differences. You will explore and experience many things here, since we have numerous extra-curricular activities on campus to help you to feel connected. I would love to have you as a part of our Shoreline family. Please stop by and ask me any questions you might have. We hope to see you soon!

Davin Utama – Indonesia

Hello everyone, my name is Davin. I came to Shoreline in Fall 2011, and I’m currently majoring in nursing. Coming to Shoreline Community College is the best decision I made in my life. Being a student at the SCC campus is very enriching mainly because of the good opportunities to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds. You will feel comfortable to study inside the campus with great facilities provided by the campus to finish your assignments. Moreover, I like the staffs inside the SCC campus that are very helpful and friendly to the students. I feel this place not just a place for study, but for you to improve your academic skills and reach your goals as an international student. As an IPM I welcome you to become a part of SCC, hoping you to have a great time and wish you all the best.

Michelle Wu – Indonesia

Hello everyone! I hope you all are feeling excited about coming to Shoreline Community College! I am sure that you did not make a wrong decision to come here. I have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge and experience since I came here in Winter 2012. SCC offers me variety of opportunities and resources to accomplish my personal goals. I love the fun events that are hosted almost every month. It always motivates me to become an active student on campus! There’s always something to do! SCC’s diverse population also has given me the opportunities to make friends with students from other countries and get to know about different cultures. Knowing them makes me feel like I’m traveling around the world. I hope that you will gain similar experience like I did! I know that choosing a school is not an easy decision to make. Even so, as an IPM, I am more than happy to help you to achieve a wonderful college life. SCC’s friendly staff and faculty will also be there to kindly help you with any difficulties. I am looking forward to meeting you all! Don’t forget to say hi when you pass me by.

Sayaka Iida – Japan

Hello everyone, my name is Sayaka Iida. I came to Shoreline in the Fall of 2011. When I came here for the first time, I was very worried about my college life because I could not speak English very well but many other international students could speak fluently. Also, I did not have any friends at that time and did not know who I was able to trust. But many of the students and staffs were very friendly and good people, so feel free to ask for help anytime. Though I still struggle with homesickness and English, SCC gives you many opportunities to join clubs, events, and do volunteer work. Those chances can enhance your school life, English skills, and help you accomplish your dreams. So be active! Don’t hesitate! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! Please feel free to come and talk to me if you have questions or troubles. I will help you anytime. I am looking forward to meeting all of you on the SCC campus.

Kenneth Sze – Hong Kong

Hello everyone, my name is Kenneth and I come from Hong Kong. I am currently majoring in electrical engineering. Studying abroad is one of the best experiences I have ever had. I first came to Shoreline Community college in Fall 2011 and I met a lot of great teachers which helped me to become more interested in studying. Although you may feel homesick when you first come to Shoreline, don’t worry about it since all the faculty and students in SCC will make you feel like you are part of the Shoreline family. Also, there are a lot of great resources and opportunities for you to explore your interests. Also, SCC provides a great learning environment so that you can be successful in your college life. As an International Peer Mentor, I am excited to meet with you in the coming school year. Please feel free to talk with me or ask me any questions if you see me around campus. I hope you all will have a great time studying at SCC.

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