Meet International Peer Mentors 2014-15

The International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are current international students who are here to welcome and introduce you to the vibrant campus life of Shoreline Community College. You’ll see them at Orientation, other special events, and usually whenever you visit the International Education office.



ipm1Karol Ho Ka Lok, Hong Kong

First quarter at Shoreline CC: Winter 2014

Major: Business

Hi everyone, welcome to Shoreline, welcome to our school! When I was a new student like you guys, I ran into a lot of problems like adapting to the changes from my hometown to Seattle. And luckily, I got help from the IPMs and so I got used to the changes very soon. Therefore, I would like to help you all. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate and feel free to talk to us! ^_^

What do you do when you’re free: Watching movies or playing piano.

Favorite place in Seattle: Greenlake, I love the beautiful views there!

Why did you choose Shoreline: There were few choices for me to pick from when I was considering which college to study in Seattle at first. By chance, I discovered that there were positions of IPMs which would help the international students at the school. And I thought it might be helpful to me. Also, I saw the beautiful campus photos from the school website, appealing to me a lot. So I just chose Shoreline.

Favorite color: Black or White (B/W)



Nataliya Ivanova, Russiaimp2

First quarter at Shoreline CC: Fall 2013

Major: AFA – Photography/Graphic Design

I’m one of the very few Russian on the campus and I know how difficult it can be to adapt to new culture. IPMs 2013-2014 and International Education Staff Members helped me to adapt to new culture and campus life. I’m glad that now I can help new students and share with them my experience and it’s also the way to say “thank you” to those who once helped me.

What do you do when you’re free: I’m a president of photography club “F-stop” and work for school newspaper “the Ebbtide”, so when I’m free I usually take pictures. I also meet with my friends; there are lots of interesting events on and outside of the campus and it’s a great chance to get cultural experience, meet new friends, practice my English, try new food, take some pictures and just have fun; all SCC students are always welcome to join me and other IPMs…the more the merrier!

Your impressions of Seattle: 360 days of Rain Festival 🙂 Seattle is a unique place with very creative atmosphere surrounded with amazing landscapes. There’s something for everyone.

Favorite food: Kimchi, Pho and Borscht.



Timothy R. Kristatama, Indonesiaipm3

First quarter at Shoreline CC: Fall 2013

Major: General Studies

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. As an international peer mentor, I won’t be there to act as someone smart and judge you if you do something wrong; instead, I and other international peer mentors are there to devote ourselves to helping students grow academically and socially.

Most helpful resource on campus: [Awesome] International Student Academic Advisors.

Favorite class: I am not a big fan of studying, but I admit that every class offered at Shoreline Community College has its own ways to challenge students and give them the best out of it.

Clubs you are part of: I am a member as well as a student representative for a committee named Appointment Review Committee.

Favorite food: All food available and served in front of me.



Sonja Blandes Rwegasira, TanzaniaIPM4

First quarter at Shoreline CC: Spring 2014

Major: Aeronautical Engineering

I applied to become an IPM so that I would be able to help international students just as the way I was assisted when i got in the United States. Being exposed to a new environment may be confusing and stressful, but my aim of being an International Peer Mentor is to help my fellow international students adapt to SCC together.

My favorite place in Shoreline: I really like the PUB, because it is a place where I usually hang out with my friends after classes. The PUB is equipped with very interesting spots such as the game area where my friends and I usually play and have fun. As well as the fish bowl which is rather more relaxing and quiet.

Why did you choose Shoreline: What I asked myself is why not? Shoreline has a very beautiful campus and it had the major I was planning to take. Shoreline seemed like a very fascinating place for me because of the diversities that I had seen.

Favorite color: Green



Keiji Urushima, JapanIPM5

First quarter at Shoreline CC: Summer 2013

Major: Economics BS

I like learning languages; I learned English and French, and I’m currently learning Korean. I also like to talk with people from different cultures, which is one of the reasons why I become an IPM. If you have any questions, please ask me. I would be happy to talk with you.

What do you do when you’re free: I usually watch movies or TV shows on Netflix, or I go shopping with my host family or my friends. On Sunday, I’m likely to study at the library.

Favorite place at Shoreline: I like the lawn area next to the library. If you feel tired, you can feel relaxed on the grass, sleeping under the sun. Moreover, since you can use wi-fi at the area, you can study there too.

Most helpful resource on campus: I would say the writing studio is one of the most helpful resources on campus. The writing studio is a place where there are some staffs, who are professional at writing. You can show your essay to them, and they help make your essay better. When I was taking English 101 and 102, which is one of the prerequisites, I went to the writing studio to ask for their help for my essay, and they were really helpful. Since you will write a lot of essays during college, it is definitely helpful for you.


Jiachen (Parker) Xing, ChinaIPM6

First quarter at Shoreline CC: Winter 2013

Major: Computer Science

I enjoy laughing and to make others laugh. Some of my friends say that at first they thought it would be a little hard to get to know me, but it’s not true, of course! I am very easy to get to know. The reason why I became an IPM is I really want to help more and more people, and while helping people I can also meet more friends. I truly treasure friendship!

Your impressions of Seattle: I think Seattle is like a cup of coffee, you need some time to taste it, then you will feel the unique beauty of Seattle.

Most helpful resource on campus: Absolutely it is the library, because it includes computer lab and study rooms. But International Education Department, which is located in the 3rd floor of 9000 building, is also important to international students. They can solve your transfer, immigrant and more questions.

Clubs you are part of: I joined Kung Fu club during my first quarter, you are able to find various of clubs in your free time, try it!


Yifan Yao, ChinaIPM7

First quarter at Shoreline CC: Fall 2013

Major: Psychology

Becoming an IPM enables me to know more students on campus and it is really exciting to talk to people from different backgrounds and cultures. Welcome to Shoreline Community College and please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask me questions if you have problems!

Your impressions of Seattle: Before I came to Seattle, people always told me that I will love it there because it rains a lot in Seattle (I love rain :D). However, this is mostly a complete rumor since the weather here is much nicer than I thought. I can even see Mt. Rainier clearly when it’s sunny.

Tips for new students: Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! Be brave and confident! Often times, I will hear from either my friends or new students that they think their English is not good enough, thus they only speak to those people who speak the same language as theirs. Although this environment might make you feel comfortable temporarily, it will not help you to improve your English! So step out your comfort zone and challenge yourself, you will be surprised when you find out how much you have accomplished.

Favorite food: Macaroons… and basically all sweet food.



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