Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare Bust in Verona (00000002)

It’s almost July, and that means the prime season for Seattle’s amazing summer outdoor scene is almost upon us! Of course, the sunshine, warm weather, and long days are great for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, cycling, rock-climbing, and camping. But even for those days when you need to recover between trips to the rivers and mountains, there’s plenty to do.

One of our favorites is Shakespeare in the Park! (We do, after all, work at a college!) This summer, you can see the plays Henry the IV Part 1, As You Like It, The Two Noble Kinsmen, and Much Ado About Nothing at parks around the Seattle metro area.

If you prefer your theater short and sweet, you can also catch reduced-length versions of Macbeth and The Two Gentlemen of Verona as part of GreenStage’s Backyard Bard series. These shows are about 45 minutes long.

If you’d like help picking a play or getting directions to any of the locations, come to the International Education offices and we’ll be happy to provide assistance!

Editor: Cory Anthony, Manager of Study Abroad, Shoreline Community College


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