Global Showcase 2017

Global Showcase 2017, hosted by the International Peer Mentors, took place on Tuesday, February 28. Global Showcase is an annual presentation and celebration of cultures by Shoreline students and from around the world! Students from 18 different regions of the world participated: Kazakhstan, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, France, Pakistan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Jordan, Japan, and Central and West Africa. People walking through the Main Dining Room were able to see stage performances, try traditional snacks and beverages, play traditional games and instruments, and even try on clothing at the various booths. They were also able to chat with the student representatives at each booth and learn about many subjects, from language and history to tourism and pop culture. Check out some of the photos below! Photo credit goes to 204 Photographers.

Group Photo

The Kazakhstan booth featured incredible photos of the country and traditional foods, as well as various traditional clothing items for people to try on.

Kazakhstan Booth

The Saudi Arabia booth set up a tent with a beautiful tea set and other decorations, and people were invited to try on clothing and take photos in the tent.

Saudi Arabia Booth

Pakistan and India created a booth together, showcasing photos of architecture, beautiful traditional fabrics, and jewelry.

India Pakistan Booth

The South Korea booth set up plenty of snacks and candies, and had a game for people to try!

South Korea Booth

In addition to the booths, Global Showcase also featured stage performances. There were musical performances, traditional dance, and more! The photo below shows the game that the Indonesian students ran on stage, with contestants racing to finish eating their dangling treat first.

Indonesia Game

There was also a Fashion Show up on stage, with students sharing traditional clothing that is worn for both special occasions and for everyday wear.

Fashion Show

More photos can be found online at 204 Photographer’s Facebook page, and on Shoreline Community College Public Information Office’s official flickr album.

We were happy to see many international and domestic students come through Global Showcase this year to learn about all of the cultures – and we loved seeing faculty and staff from many areas around campus. We noticed plenty of students and staff alike participating in the games, trying on clothing, and tasting all the beverages and snacks! There were even a couple International Education staff members who got involved by creating their own booth or wearing traditional clothing from their own culture. Global Showcase 2017 was a blast this year and it was a wonderful opportunity for the campus to come together and celebrate the great diversity we have in our community. A big thank you to all of the participants and attendees – we’ll see you next year!

– Yushin Wung

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