3 Things You Can Do with Your go.shoreline.edu Email

3 Things You Can Do With Your go.shoreline.edu Email


As a student at Shoreline, you are provided with an email from our school. Besides sending and receiving emails to or from your teachers, do you know that your Shoreline email is more helpful than you think?


  1. Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Your Shoreline email is a type of email. Therefore, it can be logged in through gmail.com and it comes with all functions of Google apps such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Photos and etc. With your go.shoreline.edu email, you are given unlimited storage on Google Drive without having to pay any fees. Therefore, you can take advantage of this function to store your important documents or large files here as they will stay there safely. For more information, please visit drive.google.com.


       2. Getting Microsoft Office for free


With your Shoreline email, you can download and install Microsoft Office for free of charge on your personal computers (up to 5). The package includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. Other benefits can include using Microsoft Office Mobile apps on iOS and Android for free and using OneDrive for Business for cloud storage. To install, you can visit aka.ms/getoffice and log in with your Shoreline email and password. Then you can follow the instructions from the website to get your benefits. For more information, please visit http://www.shoreline.edu/tss/office-365.aspx


  1. NoodleTools

If you are taking English 102, or if you you are going to, you may feel worried about your upcoming research papers. There
is going to be a lot of citations and notes you have to manage and keep track. With NoodleTools, you will be able to format and organize your citations onto a Works Cited list and easily export it as a Word document. Also, NoodleTools has many useful features such as saving your notecards, creating outline and drafting your essay on GoogleDocs, etc,. All it takes is a free registration for a NoodleTools account with your Shoreline email. For more information and instructions, please visit http://shoreline.libguides.com/noodletools



Writer: Dung Cao, International Student at Shoreline

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