Studying Tips from a Current International Student at Shoreline

Studying at Shoreline is not hard, but might get tricky without effective studying method. Since the first day I began my academic life here, I tried to look for a good way to improve my class experience. Fortunately, I found this Cornell method, which was created in the 1950s by Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University for students to take notes and use them to review for quizzes or exams.

I believe this is a fun and effective way to enhance your academic experience and I would love to share it with you.


The template for Cornell Method is simple:

  • The header will contain date, time, class name and chapter/lesson number.
  • The body will be divided into two columns.
  • The footer will contain the summary.

It should look like this:



Here is an actual example of my note from International Studies class:


How to do?

At the beginning of class, make sure to write date and chapter/lesson

During class: The right column in the body is where you write your notes during class. Remember to make your notes as short and visualized as possible, combining with charts and graphs with you can to make it easier to recall the lesson.

After class: write keywords and create questions on the left column of the body. Then try to summarize your lesson in the bottom footer.

                                           (Example of left column)


(Example of footer)

Prepare for quiz/exam: all you need to do is to cover the right column and review your lesson based on the question on the left column.


This note-taking method can be applied to any subjects. It is an easy, organized, effective and even a fun way to enhance your classroom experience. Hope you would find this useful!


Writer: Dung Cao, International Student at Shoreline Community College

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