Tips for Finals

Start Preparing Early! Trying to cram an entire quarter’s notes into your head the night before a test is not a good way to study. A final paper you wrote the day before it was due will not be your best work. Take time now to make a plan! Make lists of all the things you need to do and spread them out evenly over the days before finals. If your instructors haven’t already said what finals will be like, don’t be afraid to ask them. They’ll be glad you’re taking studying seriously.

Find the Right Environment to Study! How and where you study is important. Study groups and studying with friends can be helpful to keep each other on track. However, if you spend more time chatting than reviewing, try studying by yourself instead. Sometimes studying at home can be difficult because you don’t have a good study space or you end up doing something else in your room. Try going out to a library or a café where the only thing you have to do is study.

Use Your Technology Wisely! Your phone or laptop can be great tools, but it’s easy to end up browsing social media or watching a movie rather than studying. If you don’t need to be on the internet to do your studying, turn your wi-fi off and keep your phone in your bag or pocket.

Set Small Goals! Forty pages of notes, 8 chapters of reading, or a 10 page paper can be overwhelming. It’s important to set smaller, easier goals. It’s also important to take proper breaks when you reach those goals. Breaking it down into a step-by-step process, and giving yourself proper rest, will help you get through it!

Start Your Day Right! Don’t worry if you had to leave your home in a hurry, the International Peer Mentors will be hosting a Finals Breakfast Tuesday, December 12 through Thursday, December 14. Stop by the third floor of the PUB between 8:00am and 10:30am to pick up a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, yogurt, pastries, or fruit! For more information, see the Finals Breakfast Facebook event page.

– Meg Humphrey

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Get Spooky and Shake Your BOOty!

Friday, October 27 is the Halloween Dance hosted by the International Peer Mentors. Join us in the PUB from 6:00pm – 9:00 pm for dancing, refreshments, a costume contest, raffles, a photo booth, and games! Costumes are not mandatory, but are encouraged.

10-26-17 Halloween 2

The Adventure Builder’s Club will also be hosting an escape room, and the International Club will be hosting a Zombie Room. There will be limited space for both of these rooms, so plan to arrive on time!

10-26-17 Halloween 3

Fill out this survey to make sure your favorite song is played during the night: Music Requests for Halloween Dance.

Make sure you review the guidelines for the event before you arrive:

  • All attendees need to bring their Shoreline ID
  • No cultural appropriation
  • No weapons, real or fake
  • No big bags – coat and bag check will be available
  • No alcohol allowed – intoxicated people will be asked to leave

We can’t wait to see you there!

10-26-17 Halloween

Follow the International Education Facebook page for more events and activities around campus!

Meet Your IPMs: Hady and Ploy!

The International Peer Mentors for the 2017-2018 school year are excited to begin working with all of our wonderful students. Learn a little more about two of the eight new IPMs below!

Hady Flore Mafeugang Kougang (Cameroon)


Major: Nursing

Dream Job: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, because I love the cute little tiny human and really enjoy seeing them go from a premature state to fully functioning babies.

Why she became an IPM: I became an IPM to help students while sharing and learning new cultural backgrounds. I believe that diversity is what makes the world beautiful and interesting, and understanding this makes the Earth a better place to live.

Why she chose Shoreline: Shoreline is the only community college with a university’s standards and facilities. Teachers, whose teaching techniques are effective, are also great and available. Furthermore, Shoreline is well equipped with facilities that ease student life, especially international students.

Come talk to Hady if you need a friend!! And if you love health related movies or shows. She would love to learn about your country, what makes your origin unique, and to learn your language!

Nannapas “Ploy” Muenprasitivej (Thailand)

08-01-17 Ploy

Major: Food Science

Favorite Foods: Pad Thai, papaya salad, curries, and noodles

Shoreline CC Clubs/Activities: Just Dance Club

Why she became an IPM: I would like to help other international students when they need help and also be able to work with many people from different countries. Since we only live once, I want to explore and gain more experiences about working with other people. Not only is it helping me prepare for the working life, but also will let me know my strengths and weaknesses.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s normal to make mistakes because it is what everybody has done. We can learn from it.

Come talk to Ploy if you love to do active activities (such as bungee jumping), or want to do a study group for chemistry or biology!

– Meg Humphrey

Meet Your IPMs: Nicholas and Farrell!

The International Peer Mentors for the 2017-2018 school year are excited to begin working with all of our wonderful students. Learn a little more about two of the eight new IPMs below!

Man Ho “Nicholas” Chu (Hong Kong)

07-25-17 Nicholas

Major: English Literature

Favorite Food: Curry is my favorite and I tried to eat it for a whole week…

Shoreline CC Clubs/activities: Deputy Secretary of Vocal Association, President of Hong Kong Student Association, and writing tutor.

Why he became an IPM: When I first came to Shoreline, I got help from the previous IPMs. I know when international students come here, they would feel helpless. I want to help them with my experiences.

Why he chose Shoreline: When I was in Hong Kong, I met the advisors. They gave me useful suggestions and helped me plan my academic career when we first met. I felt like Shoreline really cares about students.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Be more active in school!!! Being more active can help you make more friends and gain wonderful school experience. Friends can help you no matter your personal problems or academic problems.

Come talk Nicholas if you have any problems in school or if you have interesting stories to share!

Farrell Fileas (Indonesia)

07-25-17 Farrell

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Food: Buy 1 get 1 Domino’s deal

Shoreline CC Clubs: Adventure Builders Club, Engineering Club

How he spends his free time: Aside from socializing or eating, I generally engage myself in musical activities. I can play the piano and guitar, so I switch between those two instruments. I also spend quite some time in church, and yes – I do play those instruments on most Sunday Services!

Why he became an IPM: I believe every student in Shoreline should be warmly welcomed. I can closely relate to the mixed feeling of joy and sadness experienced by students who came from abroad to the United States to study. I’m always looking to improve myself and to assist you in your times of need. I’m here to provide support for all of you, so don’t hesitate to approach me for questions, or just for chit-chat!

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Keep an open mind toward the beliefs and opinions of others. You will be integrated to the international community more than ever in your life, so don’t waste the opportunity! It’s also never a bad idea to maintain a good GPA.

Come talk to Farrell if you want to see a magic trick (he can do card magic)!

– Meg Humphrey
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Meet your IPMs: Hikari & Aliya!

The International Peer Mentors for the 2017-2018 school year are excited to begin working with all of our wonderful students. Learn a little more about two of the eight new IPMs below!

Hikari Akasaki (Japan)

07-18-17 Hikari

Major: Biochemistry

Favorite Food: Vegan pizza

Why she became an IPM: I thought IPM would be a great opportunity for me to make new friends, learn new things, and gain a new experience.

What she likes best about studying and living here: I like the professors and staff at Shoreline, they are very nice and helpful. Also, it is easy to get vegan food around the area.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: I think the key to being successful at Shoreline is to meet new people and have an open mind.

Come talk to Hikari if you know a good vegan restaurant! One of her favorites is Wayward Vegan Café in the University District.

Aliya Aliyeva (Kazakhstan)

07-18-17 Aliya

Major: Public Health

Dream Job: Working at the Nazarbayev University Medical Center

Shoreline CC Clubs: Adventure Builder Club, Just Dance Club, Art Club, and Vice President of the Shoreline Community College Vocal Association.

Why she became an IPM: From my first International Student Orientation it was my goal to become an IPM because I like to meet new people, especially from different countries. Besides that, I know how sometimes it can be lonely when you are the only student from your country, so I want to make Shoreline even more welcoming and interesting. Feel free to talk to me any time you want!

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Do not be afraid of making new friends (both international and domestic)! They will not bite you!

Come talk to Aliya if you love to watch TV shows!

– Meg Humphrey
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2017 Graduation BBQ

06-13-17 BBQ 1

The International Peer Mentors and the Arts & Entertainment Board worked hosted the 2017 Graduation Barbeque at Carkeek Park!

The weather forecast threatened rain and thunderstorms, but it turned out to be beautiful afternoon.

06-13-17 BBQ 5

Staff and student workers prepared hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken burgers, and veggie burgers. There were plenty of chips, cookies, and cake to go around.

Some students got into a water gun fight while others started a competitive game of soccer.

06-13-17 BBQ 3

It was a fun way for students to come together, celebrate the graduating seniors, and kick off commencement weekend!

– Meg Humphrey, photos by Megan Lo

IPM Open House

05-30-17 IPM Open HouseShoreline Community College’s International Peer Mentors will have an Open House event on Thursday, June 1st, from 3:00pm – 5:00pm in the Quiet Dining Room in the PUB!

There will be four stations which includes board games like Tsuro, Connect Four, and Mancala, graduation crafts, fun personality tests, and a community art project!

Free food and drink will be provided, too. Please come have fun and relax with the IPMs before finals!

Apply To Be an IPM Today!

International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are hiring! If you’re looking for a fun and unique leadership opportunity to engage with your fellow students, becoming an IPM may be right for you. To learn more about the position, visit the International Peer Mentor Facebook page. The deadline is Sunday, April 2nd, so don’t delay!

IPM App 2

Here’s what our current IPMs love about their experience working in the International Education Department, and why you should apply!


My favorite part about being an IPM would be helping students and also improving several aspects of myself (my weaknesses). One of the main reason I became an IPM was to improve my communication skills and I am happy that I have been able to do that and even more. Being an IPM has helped me engage and participate efficiently on campus activities and to develop my leadership skills. I would definitely recommend students to apply because it will be an amazing experience, new people to meet and different cultures to discover. Also, an opportunity to discover and truly appreciate shoreline and all the amazing staff members in the international department.

IPM App 1


I like being an IPM because I enjoy working, I love the friends I got to meet. Being an IPM helped me develop my personality and become a courageous person. I think students should apply because it’s a new experience with new people and students can learn a lot from that!


I really enjoy being an IPM because I got to do a lot of things that I really love to do such as helping others, problem solving, and meeting lots of new friends. I have improved and grew not only in myself, but also with my teammates. I observed and tried to learn the strengths of my teammates, and I really appreciate the diverse group that we had. I felt more engaged with SCC, and I felt more connected to my school, my advisors, and the staff. For the people who really have passion about helping others, and who are really want to learn something from this job, it will be a good chance for you!

IPM App 3


Being an IPM is the coolest thing I have done so far for my life. You get to meet new students and be friends with them, you get to have a group of friends from your work and hang out with them after work! Being an IPM makes me realize what my strengths and weaknesses are, learn how to appreciate other people even though they make mistakes, and so many things you could hardly believe.
Let me tell you, being an IPM can give you a lot of things you would not expect in the past, the present, and of course in the future. 🙂


I love being an IPM because I am able to engage with SCC a lot more, I get to plan and organize events for students, and it also allowed me to work with a lot of people on and off campus. It is amazing to see how me and other IPMs are growing together as well as other students. Being an IPM requires me to not only be a professional staff, but also a friendly approachable student mentor. This is what I really like about this position. I really recommend IPM positions to every student who is willing to learn and contribute to the campus.


I like being an IPM because it helps me to grow up as a person and as a member of the society. I learned how to work in an International Ed office, helped and assisted students who have questions or are troubled. I also get to know more about Shoreline community College since I became an IPM. I think students should apply because IPM is a job where you can polish your leadership style and gain a unique experiences in SCC.


Becoming IPM is practice for speaking English, challenging work for the international team, and experience to work as a paid staff in the U.S. I think, IPM is not brilliant job, you take care of people, put posters on wall, and clean up, and so on. However, if you want to feel how hard working the international team is, and how awesome it is when we achieved something together, you should apply for this.

Valentine’s Day Around the World

Shoreline Community College’s International Peer Mentors come from all over the world. Here’s how they celebrate Valentine’s Day in their home countries!


Blanche, our IPM from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, says, “On Valentine’s Day in Congo people tend to dress in red (or pink) and black and when you’re dressed that way people on the street will call you ‘Valentine.’ Also, on Valentine’s Day flowers and all kinds of gifts are sold everywhere on the street.”

Jisa describes how Valentine’s Day is a holiday mainly for girls in Japan. “Only girls give boys chocolates. Nowadays, there are two meanings in those chocolates which girls give boys; chocolate wishing good friendship, or with confession of love. For boys, there are another day, which called “White Day” on 14th March, to give girls candy to response to Valentine’s Day.”

In South Korea, Jinhee shares there is also a separate Valentine’s Day and White Day. “Valentine’s Day in South Korea is quite different since this day is mostly only for couples, where in America people celebrate with whoever they love on Valentine’s Day. Normally girls give chocolate, presents to guys on Valentine’s Day, and there’s a ‘White Day’ on March 14th when guys give candies in return.”


In Indonesia, Valentine’s Day isn’t widely celebrated, but Yuron describes the various ways some people do spend the day. “People usually give out flowers, chocolate, or celebrate over dinner or a day out. Some people without couples would go out together while people with couples would go on dates. During Valentine’s Day, we can also see people selling balloons, flowers and other Valentine’s presents on the streets.”

Clara shares some of the more romantic things you can do with your loved one in China, “Normally, they would go to movies, go out for dinner, and send gifts. Chocolates, bear toys, and roses are one of the best choices for gifts. Different amounts of roses indicate different meanings as well. For example, one rose indicates ‘You are the only one I love,’ and ninety-nine roses indicate ‘I love you forever’ Also, Chinese people celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day every year, which is on lunar calendar 7th of July.”

In Jordan, Moe shares that everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, even if they’re not a romantic couple. “Everyone shows love to their family, friends and life partners. All schools, universities and major companies do bake sales and sell flowers on this day.”

TK says that in Thailand, everyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day, but only couples do major events. “In my high school, people either give small chocolates to friends or stick heart shape stickers on friends’ student uniforms.”

Megan thinks that Valentine’s Day in America reminds her of Hong Kong. “People in Hong Kong don’t treat Valentine’s Day as a special day, as couples celebrate normally while singles are moaning that they are single. But in some way I think the way we celebrate is kinda similar to the Americans, as someone who loves Valentines’ Day would give chocolates and flowers to their friends.”

Meg Humphrey

Meet International Peer Mentors 2016-17

The International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are international students who are here to welcome and introduce you to the vibrant campus life of Shoreline Community College. You’ll see them at Orientation, other special events, and often when you visit the International Education office.

Yuron Anggara, Indonesiayuron

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2016
Major: Business

I am a really outgoing person and I like to meet new people and get to know them. Looking back at the past, seeing how the previous IPMs were very open and willing to help us motivates me a lot. Thus, this encourages me to help students in achieving what they are capable of and try to push them to their limits. I would also like to learn and get to know different cultures to see the world through a wider lens. I would be more than happy to be able to help you all out so ask me anything. Good luck!

What I do when I’m free: I really like to explore and look for new places to eat. Sometimes I take a jog around when the weather is nice or exercise when I have nothing to do. I like to read or browse the internet when my work is done. Otherwise, I just like to stay at home and relax.

Favorite place on campus: The coffee spot and the library.

Favorite classes: Drama and English.

Favorite food: I basically like any food but Indonesian fried rice is really good!

Blanche Kanza Cizubu, Democratic Republic of Congoblanche

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2014

Major: Biochemistry

One thing that brought me into this beautiful journey of being an IPM was the eagerness to participate in something that would help me grow as a person. I dedicate my life to learning and by helping new students I will not only learn about new cultures but I’ll also learn how to be patient and helpful to them.

What I do when I’m free: During my free time, I enjoy reading. I love reading novels. One of my favorite book so far is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I also love watching movies.

Why I chose Shoreline: My choice of Shoreline Community College was first visual. Indeed, during my research about the school, I loved the campus. It was just what I was looking for: a quiet and green area. Since the school also had the program I wanted to study, it was the perfect match.

Clubs I am in: I am currently a member of the Science Club, and the secretary of the African Students Club.

Favorite food: I particularly love pastries, Central and West African food, and lately Vietnamese food.

Jin Hee (Jinne) Jeong, South Koreajinhee

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2016
Major: Nursing

I choose to study here because I can explore more and experience more. Being an IPM not only allowed me to assist and help with international students but also to learn and grow together. I look forward to assist you at Shoreline Community College. Feel free to ask for help!

What I do when I’m free: I love to watch movies, play guitar and ukulele.

Why I chose Shoreline: When I first came visit Shoreline Community College, I was amazed by the campus environment and after I met the staff, I realized that I could do much more than just get a degree at Shoreline.

Most helpful resource on campus: The International Education office and the library are the most helpful resources on campus.

Favorite food: Strawberry ice cream!

Jisa Kang, Japanjisa

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2015
Major: Music Technology

International students can engage and participate in our school though several kinds of activities for their fulfilling school lives.

Why I chose Shoreline: Shoreline has good facilities and great teachers in music department. Also, because I like this environment which has a lot of green and nature.

What I do when I’m free: Playing piano and composing music.

Favorite place: The music building on campus. In Seattle, under the I-5 bridge in the University District.

Favorite food: Noodles and mandazi.

Mohammad (Moe) Khamis, Jordanmohammed

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2015
Major: Bioengineering

I became an IPM because I like helping people, it offers me the chance to make a difference to the people around me and it helps me develop new skills in teamwork and leadership.

My impression of Seattle: I love Seattle because I love the green trees and parks. I just love the rain, I enjoy the sound of the rain droplets hitting my window glass. Finally, I love how it is surrounded by water on all sides.

Advice for new students: Don’t be shy, study hard, enjoy your time at SCC, make new friends, and do something new every day.

Favorite class: Multicultural studies 105 is my favorite class because it helped me develop an understanding of cultural and gender differences in U.S. society and recognize the diversity of different cultures.

Favorite food: Stuffed grape leaves.

Megan Lo, Hong Kongmegan

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2016
Major: Business

It was my dream to become an IPM because I always enjoy helping people, and this is one of our main goals as an IPM. It’s always my pleasure to help you. Besides that, I had an experience of being a new student and as an international student, I understand the feeling of changing a new environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to come to IE office to ask us, or if you see me on campus, you are always welcome to come talk to me.

Why I chose Shoreline: Mainly because my relatives who live in Seattle recommend this school. Besides that, I met the advisors in Hong Kong, and I found the advisor team in this school is very strong and helpful, so I decided to choose Shoreline.

Most helpful resource on campus: The computer lab, because you can find all the online resources using our school’s state-of-the-art resources. And Tutoring Services, because the free tutors in our school can help you with almost every question you have in your homework or during your studies.

Favorite classes: Public Speaking, Drama and, Math.

Clubs I am in: I am the president of Ukulele Club and Hong Kong Students’ Association and the vice president of Chinese Culture Club. I am also a member of International Club and Swimming Club.

Thanasath (TK) Siripornrungrueng, Thailandtk

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2015
Major: Business

I decided to become an IPM because I want to help fellow students to enjoy their lives in Shoreline and be successful in their academic life. I also like to meet new students from different parts of the world and I’m interested in getting to know more about different cultures. If you have any questions, feel free to come and visit us in the International Education Office.

What I do when I’m free: I tutor my friends in my free time when I’m at school. At home, I like to read books, watch movies, and also bake cakes.

Why I chose Shoreline: Shoreline provides good support to students so that students can be successful in their academic life and social life.

Advice for new students: Don’t be shy. Come to the International Education office and see us or the staff member whenever you need help with anything.

Favorite colors: Blue and white.

Yujia (Clara) Zhang, Chinaclara

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2015
Major: Computer Science

I love to hear the different voices from you all, to adopt new thinking, to see different perspectives from people from all over the world. I am here to help, to solve problems, and to be your friend! When I first came to Shoreline Community College, the IPMs were the people who made me feel welcome and less overwhelmed. As a current IPM, I want to continue that: to welcome anyone who comes here, and to provide continuing support for you!

What I do when I’m free: Watch movies. Travel. Read novels.

Why I chose Shoreline: Shoreline community college has amazing environment which is all covered by green. The staff and professors here are friendly and professional.

Advice for new students: Open up yourself to the new environment and enjoy the diversity. Participate in community activities and events. Make lots of new friends, and engage in American culture!

Favorite food: Noodle soup!